ÖZATA Shipbuilding was founded in 1985 in Tuzla, Istanbul to perform steel processing and piping works of newly constructed and rebuilt ships.

Özata Shipyard continued its activities in many shipyards at Tuzla region until 2002 and has become an experienced and preferred organization in its field.

In 2002, our founder Özdemir Ataseven made investments in Altınova area in Yalova with the purpose of using his experience and knowledge in shipbuilding, and has brought Özata Shipyard to these days.

To widen the spectrum of services for ship owners and managers, Özata expanded its services by investing Özata Repair Shipyard in Altınova, Yalova. Since 2017 Özata Repair Shipyard delivered sophisticated repair and upgrade projects.


Özata Repair Shipyard Facilities and Technical Capacity


Özata Shipyard is specialized in repairing in order to serve its customers from all over the World. With our experience and well equipped shipyard we are capable of maintenance of all type of vessels. Yard has workshops, floating dock, CNC Plasma Cutting Area facilities with total 50.000 sqm.

·      10.000 T Floating Dock Capacity


·      50.000 m² Total Area    


·      12.000m² Closed Area:                                 



·      180 m x 27 m Floating  Dock                          


·      130 m x 33 m, 1500 T Slipway 1


·      150 m x 50 m Slipway 2                                     


·      5.000 T Repair Steel Processing Capacity



·      Cranes - In Workshops : 2x 20 T, 2x 20 T, 1x7 T


·      Shaft & Propeller Workshop


·      Machinery Workshop


·      Valve & Hydraulic Workshop


·      Pipe & Outfitting Workshop


·      Electrical Workshop


·      Main Storage


·      Blasting & Painting Workshop


·      Steel Pre-Fabrication Workshop


·      CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


·      300 T Hydraulic Press


·      Profil Bending Machine


·      Electric Arc , Submerged


·      Inert Gas Welding Machines