• Facilities


Özata Shipyard is specialized in repairing in order to serve its customers from all over the World. With our experience and well equipped shipyard we are capable of maintenance of all type of vessels.

Floating Dock Capacity With

10.000 T

Total Area:       

50.000 m²

Closed Area:                                 


Floating Dock :                               

180 m x 27 m

Slipway 1 :                                 

130 m x 33 m, 1500 T

Slipway 2:                                     

150 m x 50 m

Repair Steel Processing Capacity:   

5.000 T

Cranes - In Workshops:                 

2 x 10 T


2 x 20 T


1 x 7 T

Closed Workshops

Shaft & Propeller Workshop

Machinery Workshop

Velve & Hydraulic Workshop

Pipe & Outfitting Workshop

Electrical Workshop

Main Storage

Blasting & Painting Workshop

Steel Pre-Fabrication Workshop


CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

300 T Hydraulic Press

Profil Bending Machine

Electric Arc , Submerged

Inert Gas Welding Machines