Our Projects Continue

Our ongoing building/repair projects 15 Carbon Catamaran Type ferries of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with 420+6 carrying capacity

The ferries that are manufactured for İzmir and the first of which has already been delivered have received positive response from the people of İzmir. We are proud to have manufactured the biggest carbon catamaran ferry of the world as a domestic company for our project considered to be a benchmark for the Turkish Shipbuilding. The project is at the phase of building the 5th ferry and they will be delivered to İzmir every 90 days.

A 700-passenger capacity ferry for the City Lines of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

We, as the contractor company, are building the ships announced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality at the press under the heading of “Accessible ships for Istanbul”. Upon delivery of the project, travelling from one side of Istanbul to the other by sea will be faster and more comfortable thanks to the project that was designed with panoramic range of vision.

7000 DWT IMO II Oil / Chemical Tanker

The chemical tanker, 90% of which is already completed, will be delivered in the following months.

Aqualibrium yacht renewal

The 40-meter long yacht named Aqualibrium is under maintenance and repair in the closed areas of our shipyard.

The yacht will be re-sized to 40 meter width and 43,5 meter length and will go through the works of shaft line and electricity automation installation, renewal of propeller, balance and bearing; adding new generators and painting. After completion of all these works, the yacht will be delivered at the beginning of summer.

Project by the Students of Yıldız Technical University

Supporting the education in the field of Turkish shipbuilding, our shipyard is supporting Güneş Teknesi Team of Yıldız Technical University that will represent our country in DONG Energy Solar Challenge to be held in Holland in June 28, 2014. We wish success to the students that are realizing the manufacturing in the indoor area of our shipyard in the international competition.